Why a blog from me, someone who has never been a writer, someone who has never been articulate or had a solid grasp of the grammar world. Because God told me to write. Several years ago a life storm invaded my family. God kept telling me to write it all down. I argued, but He would not let up. This went on every day for a couple of weeks until one day out of frustration, (I'd like to say it was out of obedience), I picked up a pen and paper and wrote for 7 hours straight! Do you think maybe I needed therapy and God knew it?

I've been writing ever since and have learned to love it! I started out sharing my stories with friends and family. I've now been published in a Nashville church paper, Our Daily Journey (a devotional site of RBC Ministries), PCCWeb Daily Devotional, Ruby for Women Ezine Magazine, and I am a contributor in the book Alabaster Jars, Life in Abundance Collection 2.

Why Ponderings? During this life storm, God led me to a pond in the woods behind my home. There He met me each time, teaching new lessons, reminding me of old ones, showing His presence and allowing me to feel His love through the surroundings of that pond. I found myself returning over and over to ponder, pray and praise. A healing of my heart took place and out of the experience came my first book, Ponderings From the Pond, then a second book, Ponderings From My Porch, and now a third book is in the works along with a memoir about my storm.

Why am I making myself so vulnerable? Because God has done so much that I cannot keep quiet. I have to share. Jesus's last words to his desciples were, "Go,tell." We are his disciples too and this is just one of my ways of telling.

I'm no scholar but I have heard God's voice in my spirit, experience His love daily, and have a desire for others to experience this also. I would love to share with all who visit and I would love to hear from you. If my sharing gets just one to ponder, to be quiet with the Father, to see and hear from Him or to be reminded of something from Him, then this is worth my vulnerability.

As you visit me, sometimes we will be at the pond, sometimes we will move to the front porch, and sometimes we will just be here, there, and yonder. Thank you for coming and please feel free to come back anytime, you are always welcome here.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


My first book, Ya Know What I'm Say'n, has been released.



Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thoughts from 2011

I lost my chronologically oldest friend Ms. Anna. (age 90)  Let me rephrase, she is not lost, I know where she is, she went to be with the Lord,  Jan. 15. (I'll introduce you to her in a post soon) 

Nothing can stop two people from bonding regardless if they are ebony and ivories, regardless if there are many decades between them.  The Lord can entwine whoever He chooses.

Feb. 16, our beloved pastor Dr. Day, from Edmond, Ok died.

Around 700 + blankets were given away at the beginning of this year.

Christopher got accepted into WKU (Mar. 23)

Read awesome book and began my list of 1000 blessings.  (1000 Gifts)

Learned a new word. . .eucharisteo (thanksgiving)

When God doesn’t answer a prayer, say. . .for like 6 months. . .or 9 years. . .trust in His timing

When the answer comes and He says “GO”, you need to go.

I had no idea I would receive so much love through the blogging world.

Planking was a funny fad that seemed to pass by quickly.

Befriended another “ebony”, an ex con, 6’3, a surprise and a blessing.

Watching and listening to one come "into the fold" is the best thing ever!

Am just as in awe and thankful for my own salvation this year as I was 37 years ago. 

I can really speak in front of a hundred women and not throw up.

A goat, chickens and ducks are more fun to buy than sparkly trinkets.

You can survive the loss of a beloved pet, although it’s painful and I cried like a baby in the office.

My vet is compassionate, offering Kleenexes and mailed us a Sympathy Card.

Read another awesome book that changed my life even more than the above one, Kisses from Katie.

Becoming a part of a new Coalition for Homelessness is something I never thought I would be a part of. . .but so glad I am.

Read two other books that I loved even though very convicting. . .we should be convicted right?  (Revolution in World Missions and Radical)

I can cut a 1000 strips of paper for a Christmas party craft and still use my hand. . .with the help of Aleve.

I tried Greek food for the first time this year. . .liked it!

When asking for donations, be specific. . .ended up with gallon sized bags of condoms and pregnancy test kits.

You can still love looking at the empty plate at the dinner table.

Pain hurts but doesn’t kill.

College finals week puts a mother on her knees.

You can still be friends with people who think Dr. Pepper is horrible.

My memory is getting worse.

Sticky notes are my new best friend.

Three year olds think if you miss your dog buried in the back yard, you should just get them back out.

God continues to pull me out of comfort zones.

Never, ever, thought I would be in a newspaper or on the radio!

My voice will never sound grown-up.

Sitting in an emergency room with friend for over 3 hours is enough to make one want to drink!   We prayed instead.

Dust bunnies are not really bunnies, more like little devils and just continue to grow.

Got me a “shark” that eats those little devils.

Never thought I would be teaching people how to cut, strip and roll plastic bags into “plarn”.

I didn’t even know what plarn was until this year.

I have some of the best friends ever!

Jesus Calling was my new favorite devotional this year.

Mother-in-law was given a terminal diagnosis.

In my 20’s, 30’s and some into my 40’s, would have shopped till I dropped.  NOW, I have no desire to go into another mall.

Simplicity is sounding more and more like Heaven.

I need to become more disciplined in many areas.

I think discipline and simplicity will go hand in hand.

It all ready became some this past year.  That’s how college got paid with cash.

The yard does not HAVE to have flowers.

Looking for the blessings is not so much a matter of looking as it is just being aware.

When we are not being aware and focused, we miss SO much.

I cherish my quiet time and solitude.

I met the greatest couple this past year and am so blessed to know them.

Decisions need to be Spirit led and not people pressured.

I have learned more about grace through the “least of these” than from anywhere else.

The hands can be filthy but the heart can be gold.

Judging from appearances is SO not right!

Patience can make SUCH a difference!

Compassion can make SUCH a difference!

Sharing Christ's love with no judgements can make a grown man cry.

If sainthood medals were given to husbands, mine would definately have one.

Love being able to say, "I've been married for 30 years."

God continues to show up in the smallest of details.

Each time I needed a shot of boldness, He gave it to me.

I was invited to go on a blog tour starting this next January with a Christian author and entrepreneur along with others.  Not sure what all this means, but am excited to find out.

When one waits, God fills the empty places with blessings.

"One joy scatters a hundred griefs."

Throwing a Christmas party for the homeless some told me, was the most rewarding Christmas they have had in years.  This makes me smile.

Going outside of oneself is the best trip one can make.

I’m turning 50 this next year and I’m ok with that. . .no, I am grateful for that!

I’m so thankful once again, for another year of my Lord being with me, walking through the storms, the fires and trials, standing on the mountaintop with me as well as in the valleys of shadows and doubts.  With Him, I have no need to fear and with Him I have everything to praise Him for.

To God Be The Glory!

Hallelujah and Amen!
May your new year be filled with God's presence wherever you are, whatever your circumstances and may you be filled with His peace that passes all understanding and joy that spills over into your smile.
God bless you!


Jedidja said...

What a great blog! I really laugh at some things, here in my green chair by the fireplace. I listened to the man with the golden voice, very beautiful. And I, with you, am surprised that blogging can bring many good things.

Fifty years? Then you're five years older than me. It's a great age, according to my three older sisters :-)

I wish you for 2012 'rest in God', but also the courage to do things that are against you because you don't know how to handle it.
Kind regards

Jenn said...

What a wonderful list! Glad we can still be friends even though I think Dr. Pepper tastes like cough syrup. And I agree with you on Jesus Calling! It is an amazing devotional!

Nylse said...

I love your thoughts! I'm so glad you started blogging, and like you I've discovered that blogging can be a blessing - to receive and to share!

Happy New Year!

Deidra said...

Wonderful insights here, and I especially love this one, "Going outside of oneself is the best trip one can make."

Jen said...

I loved reading every word of this. All i can see are God's smiles raining down upon you.

HopeUnbroken said...

loved all your thoughts here. what blessings to be remembered and counted. thanks for sharing!

marlece said...

I love this whole list and I can see I am going to gain a whole bunch of wisdom given by a very wise woman reading this blog. Can't wait to read more!