Why a blog from me, someone who has never been a writer, someone who has never been articulate or had a solid grasp of the grammar world. Because God told me to write. Several years ago a life storm invaded my family. God kept telling me to write it all down. I argued, but He would not let up. This went on every day for a couple of weeks until one day out of frustration, (I'd like to say it was out of obedience), I picked up a pen and paper and wrote for 7 hours straight! Do you think maybe I needed therapy and God knew it?

I've been writing ever since and have learned to love it! I started out sharing my stories with friends and family. I've now been published in a Nashville church paper, Our Daily Journey (a devotional site of RBC Ministries), PCCWeb Daily Devotional, Ruby for Women Ezine Magazine, and I am a contributor in the book Alabaster Jars, Life in Abundance Collection 2.

Why Ponderings? During this life storm, God led me to a pond in the woods behind my home. There He met me each time, teaching new lessons, reminding me of old ones, showing His presence and allowing me to feel His love through the surroundings of that pond. I found myself returning over and over to ponder, pray and praise. A healing of my heart took place and out of the experience came my first book, Ponderings From the Pond, then a second book, Ponderings From My Porch, and now a third book is in the works along with a memoir about my storm.

Why am I making myself so vulnerable? Because God has done so much that I cannot keep quiet. I have to share. Jesus's last words to his desciples were, "Go,tell." We are his disciples too and this is just one of my ways of telling.

I'm no scholar but I have heard God's voice in my spirit, experience His love daily, and have a desire for others to experience this also. I would love to share with all who visit and I would love to hear from you. If my sharing gets just one to ponder, to be quiet with the Father, to see and hear from Him or to be reminded of something from Him, then this is worth my vulnerability.

As you visit me, sometimes we will be at the pond, sometimes we will move to the front porch, and sometimes we will just be here, there, and yonder. Thank you for coming and please feel free to come back anytime, you are always welcome here.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

On Top of Ol' Smokie

My mowing days started many, many years ago when I was still in elementary school.  Being in a divorced family, my older sister had a lot of responsibilities, one being to mow the yard.  As I watched her and the cut lines appear, I made the mistake of saying to her it looked like fun.  From that day on mowing was my job.  Being young with not a huge social life, I didn’t mind.  Sometimes the heat got to me, and aside from the time I set the mower on fire, it really was fun.

I grew up and  married.  The first ten years, we did not have a yard to mow.  We had cement parking lots.  Then came the day we had a yard.  It was small but I loved it and could not wait to mow my own grass.  I would have mown with anything.  And I did.

Some of you might remember those old engineless mowers, the ones with blades that rolled when you pushed the wooden handles.  That is what I mowed that little yard with.  I was so proud of my fresh cut lawn every time.  After several years, the blades either became dull or I was becoming lazy.  I don’t remember why, but we ended up with a new mower with engine, gasoline, and spark plugs.  Now I primed, pulled a string, and it roared to life.  I mowed many years with this one.  Then we moved again and I got a much bigger yard.  My husband said I could keep using the same mower.  Have you ever tried mowing an acre with a push mower?  He hadn’t either until I asked him to.  Right after that, he took me on a date to Lowes and I became the proud owner of a Cub Cadet riding mower.  No rolling blades or string here.  Now I just had to sit on the seat, turn a key, and start driving.  This was the life for this yard work lover!

This is when I found myself praising on top of Ol’ Smokie, out in the fresh country air, sun shining down on me.  Why the name Ol’Smokie?  Because she smokes down the yard faster than any other mower I’ve ever had.  When you find yourself sitting on top of a mower, going in big circles, or back in forth in rows, (depending on the mood I’m in) for 1 ½ hours, what do you do?  I learned this was a great time to praise and pray.  Not only do I feel close to my Lord up there on that seat, but it is very therapeutic.  When I am on that mower for so long, I think of how blessed I am and the praising just begins.

Some may think this is a funny place to praise. . .I don’t.  Paul and Silas praised in jail.  Jesus prayed in a garden.  David praised while out on the hill with a bunch of sheep.  We are told to pray in a closet.  I believe the Lord is pleased whenever He hears praise from His children, wherever they are. . .even from on top of a lawn mower.

The bible says we are to sing to the Lord as a response to what He has done in our lives.  He has brought me from cement parking lots to lush, green grass, the engineless push mower to the key and steering wheel.  He performed a miracle with my stringed one in front of my little boy’s eyes that started a chain reaction of miracles that changed my relationship with my dad and stepmom.  (That story coming later).  He brought me from years of a grassless yard to one full of grass surrounded by trees, with deer, rabbits and all kinds of critters flitting around.  He has brought me so many wonderful friends through the years, a wonderful husband and two boys I love with all my heart.  He healed a broken relationship with one family member and is working on another.

Yes, we can praise anywhere.  I feel the need to go hop onto Ol’ Smokie and belt out praise to my Lord and Savior.  Good thing the engine is louder than my non-singing voice for the neighbor’s sake, but I  know my Lord can hear me loud and clear  Roar goes the engine and Hallelujah goes my spirit.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise
(and out on the lawn)
Give thanks to Him and praise His name.
Psalm 100:4

Where do you find yourself praising?  I hope it's not just confined to the walls inside a church. I would love to hear where you find yourself praising a lot of the times.  Maybe while you're with your babies, when you're not with them, out in nature, while cooking, in the bath?  We can praise all day long, anywhere and everywhere. Don't you know that is music to His ears!

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My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Kristin. I love to sing praise when I'm driving. I admit though I tone it down when I get to traffic lights. I also cut the grass on a mower like that. It takes 3 hours to cut everything. Next time I think I'll do it with my ipod - doubt I'll hear that though, either.
God bless

Lisa said...

Kristin, I was just praising God as I was walking to my friend's house this morning. I agree that He wants and deserves to be praised anywhere and everywhere.

Anonymous said...

I know that I can not limit myself to corporate praise, but I love to praise Him with the young adults in my church.

Cora said...

I, too, tend to do the praise thing while driving. I do it at the top of my lungs, too. I know I've been caught a few times by other drivers --- I've seen that look. I think they feel I belong in the looney bin!!!! I'm also known to sing in the shower. EVERYTHING sounds so wonderful in the shower --- why is that??????

We had one of those push mowers --- the one without the motor!!!! Now they are lawn ornaments. It was a good workout, for sure.

Great post, Kristin! I need to sing more.

Jennie Morgan said...

Well you know me...I can and do praise any time and any where! But my very favorite place was on a ridge at the edge of Cody, Wyoming. It was just a 7 minute hike up to the ridge and from my eagle perch, I could see beautiful mountains or rugged rocky peaks in every direction. It was a beautiful sight no matter the time of year. I often rode my bike to the bottom of the ridge and then hiked up early in the morning in order to have my quiet time up there. I would bring my Bible and journal in a backpack and spend time reading and journaling. Then I would pray AND sing out loud in worship and praise! I LOVED those mornings and miss them very much!! But..I am still delighted to praise my Lord wherever I am!

Eileen said...

Kristin, I love to mow my grass too! I didn't mow a lawn until I was 30 years old. I grew up in AZ and we didn't have grass. I moved to NC and my husband (boyfriend at the time) taught me how to push mow my yard. I loved the push mower and then finally last year I "graduated" to a riding mower!! Mowing the lawn and running seem to be my favorite places to talk to the Lord.

Jen said...

Often times, I find myself singing in my head at the most random times. I'll just remember a song and there I am -- praising God inside my head (because for sure, I have a non-singer's voice, too!).

Martha said...

I only wish I didn't turn into a pumpkin after the lawn was mowed. Allergies... But then if I'm going to suffer no matter who cuts the grass, maybe I should enjoy the job every once in a while. :)

Denise said...

This is great; praying and rejoicing in all circumstances! :) I love the way you captured a way to identify and praise Him in any activity or situation. :) What a blessing!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

When I was growing up, it was on the back of a horse. I would sing my lungs out because we lived in the country and no one could hear me. I think that is how I became a soloist, I had a lot of practice! LOL!

Lately, it is when I am in the house doing housework, or when I'm picking raspberries and gardening. I love to sing, so really it is everywhere, in the car, out on the porch. My kids are used to it.

Music helps me connect with the Lord. I feel his presence when I am singing a worship song that just pertains to my trial or just the way I feel about Him.

Kristin Bridgman said...

I love all these answers. Isn't music such a gift from God?! I can't imagine life without it. And I guess God didn't want us to because He gave it.
One of my favorite verses is Zephaniah 3:17 ~ "The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing." ~ He sings for us too! :)

Lisa Maria said...

My girls think I'm crazy because I would be cleaning and just burst into a praise and worship song.. oftentimes competing with the cd that I was playing at the time!

I love to clean with music on.. used to be secular music when I was young, now I like the upbeat modern Christian Rock bands.. whatever's on the iWorship cds (they help to get me moving)

We are the proud owners of one of those hand rollers.. we think we're saving the environment by not having to use gas powered motors (it helps that our lawn is small) It sure is hard work though! It doesn't get easier as you get older either ;-)

Bristol said...

Haha, this post was such a good laugh, Kristin! I love your insight and joy. Yes, indeed, the world is a waiting sanctuary and all places are places of praise!

It's predictable, but I definitely praise when hiking/running. Rockin' out to worship music in the car is another favorite for me. Loving everyone's praise stories here!

Kristin, thanks for such a sweet story. Mow on, lady, mow on!

"Ima" said...

So glad I stopped by from Jen's. I just love singing, even though I can't carry a tune. I find myself singing whenever I clean-I love cleaning and having praise music on. It refreshes my soul. In the car is another place when my kids aren't being too loud:) Looking forward to reading more of your journey.