Why a blog from me, someone who has never been a writer, someone who has never been articulate or had a solid grasp of the grammar world. Because God told me to write. Several years ago a life storm invaded my family. God kept telling me to write it all down. I argued, but He would not let up. This went on every day for a couple of weeks until one day out of frustration, (I'd like to say it was out of obedience), I picked up a pen and paper and wrote for 7 hours straight! Do you think maybe I needed therapy and God knew it?

I've been writing ever since and have learned to love it! I started out sharing my stories with friends and family. I've now been published in a Nashville church paper, Our Daily Journey (a devotional site of RBC Ministries), PCCWeb Daily Devotional, Ruby for Women Ezine Magazine, and I am a contributor in the book Alabaster Jars, Life in Abundance Collection 2.

Why Ponderings? During this life storm, God led me to a pond in the woods behind my home. There He met me each time, teaching new lessons, reminding me of old ones, showing His presence and allowing me to feel His love through the surroundings of that pond. I found myself returning over and over to ponder, pray and praise. A healing of my heart took place and out of the experience came my first book, Ponderings From the Pond, then a second book, Ponderings From My Porch, and now a third book is in the works along with a memoir about my storm.

Why am I making myself so vulnerable? Because God has done so much that I cannot keep quiet. I have to share. Jesus's last words to his desciples were, "Go,tell." We are his disciples too and this is just one of my ways of telling.

I'm no scholar but I have heard God's voice in my spirit, experience His love daily, and have a desire for others to experience this also. I would love to share with all who visit and I would love to hear from you. If my sharing gets just one to ponder, to be quiet with the Father, to see and hear from Him or to be reminded of something from Him, then this is worth my vulnerability.

As you visit me, sometimes we will be at the pond, sometimes we will move to the front porch, and sometimes we will just be here, there, and yonder. Thank you for coming and please feel free to come back anytime, you are always welcome here.

May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.

Psalm 19:14


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Discerning Voices

In front of our house runs a four mile curvy, hilly, two lane country road.  Over the last seven years of sitting on the front porch, I realized that I could hear the vehicles before I actually saw them.  And that I could distinguish the sound of a car from a truck, and a jeep from the truck or car, and obviously the sound of a motorcycle was different.
            I ponder over the different voices that we hear throughout our lives.  Some speak the truth, some falsehoods.  Some encourage and some are downers. Some try to lead you down the wrong paths, while others try to show you the way down the wonderful road of redemption. We need to be able to discern the good ones from the bad ones.  Some will flatter and tell us what we want to hear, and others will tell us what we need to hear.
            l Thessalonians 5:21-22 tells us it is our responsibility as Christians to be discerning, to decide between right and wrong, truth from lies.
            It took time sitting on my porch and listening to the sounds, learning to distinguish one car sound from another.  It is the same with discernment.  It takes time being in the word, getting to know the Lord and recognizing His voice.
            Our loved one seemed to have this discernment up to the age of 18. An extremely bright, intelligent, kind, and sweet natured boy who always listened respectfully and was loved by so many listened to the wise voices.  But something happened after that 18th birthday.  Suddenly, he began to listen and follow after the wrong voices.  So many have asked, “How did that happen?”  We do not know to this day.  It’s obvious though, the enemy can snag and snare even the best of them.  Did he let his guard down?  Yes, I believe he did.  After being with the wrong voices, he decided he knew everything about the Bible and didn’t need to open it up again.  There is never a time when we should close that book ever!  Did he ever really have it?  I can say yes to that!  We lived with him, taught him, played and prayed and were very close. We prayed the sinners prayer with him. But the devils schemes can be subtle and yet so strong, that we did not see what was coming.  Yes, there were little red flags, but never in a million years did we think he would follow after those wrong voices.  We were wrong.
You cannot just blindly follow every voice the way the neighborhood dogs blindly chase every thing that comes down our road.  (I wonder what they think they would do if they ever caught one?)  The dogs are taking a chance getting hit just like our lives can get hit and hurt by following, chasing the wrong voices.  Our loved one was hurt as well as those left behind.  But God was there to pick us up and stands ready to reach out with that righteous right hand of His to pick up the one who needs to raise his hand and his eyes to the one who can lift him up.
 Our loved one wrote us a letter this morning saying he recognized the need to get rid of the wrong voices.  That it was time to be alone, to get rid of the clamor, and that between God and himself, they would figure things out.  Please pray with us that he will be still enough to hear that wonderful, still, small voice in his ear, in his heart and follow the One Voice that can lead him out of despair into a life filled with amazing grace and unconditional love.
            The porch is a good place to start spending time in the Word, learning to recognize those false voices for what they really are and begin to understand those quiet discerning voices God plants within and around us.
            We do not want to be described by the words of Ephesians 4:14 “…being tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.”
            Let’s be like Proverbs 3:21 “…preserve sound judgment and discernment and do not let them out of your sight.”
            So, I have a word for you or for someone you know that you believe is running in the wrong direction.
Before you go blindly chasing voices, open up the Word and see if their voices go along with God’s voice. I wouldn’t want you or a loved one to crash and burn.
And just another word of caution. If you’re driving down a two lane country road and dogs are blindly chasing your car, just smile and watch out for them.  They just don’t know any better.
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Lisa said...

Really good post, Kristin. The wrong voices can be so subtle, just a little whisper in the ear, a small thought. But what big impact they can have if we listen to them. I love the analogy of sitting on the porch long enough to learn the sounds of the cars. We may stay with God long enough to be able to discern His voice. I want to listen only to His voice.

Lisa Maria said...

Beautiful post Kristin! A wonderful reminder that we're all susceptible to those 'voices', even when we believe we aren't. If we don't stay close to Him and saturated in His Word, the serpent slithers in. (I have a post in the percolator on this.. hopefully soon) Meanwhile, I continue to pray and I know 'God's bending down low to listen' Keep up the faith sweet friend.

Love & Blessings

Martha said...

There is little more painful that to watch one's child choose a path that leads away from the Savior. I know that pain too, but God is faithful. His love endures.

As I drove down the road just the other day, I said a prayer for a wandering son. Wouldn't you know, I passed him on my way back home. He was off on a pizza delivery for work, big smile on his face, waving both hands at me, and I added it to my list.

Robin said...

Oh my...a child going in the wrong direction...
This is close to my heart Sweetie...sigh.
I'm watching one do just that. I pray so often that the Father would send someone strong in God to help my boy back...I will forever pray. I will forever trust.
You help my faith.
All Things Heart and Home

Maryellen said...

Kris, so heartfelt and beautiful. What a long and amazing journey. Praise be to God that prayers have been answered and that your loved one is recognizing his need to quell the sinful, worldly voices that shout at him and try to consume his thoughts and his actions and rob him of the joy he once knew in the Lord and listen to the voice of the one who saved him. I pray that he will be completely restored.
You know my heart aches and, I, too, pray and yearn for the day my daughter will hear the sweet voice of her Savior calling her to come back to him and she will bring all her cares and burdens to him.
I appreciate so much the outpouring of your heart. You have inspired me and helped me more than you could ever know. My dear sweet sister, I love you! Maryellen

h. rae said...

What a post! Full of wisdom... there are many voices in the wilderness calling us from every direction... we HAVE got to be on our toes and KNOW where we stand and whom to say "NO!" to.

Kristin Bridgman said...

Thank you girls! A huge breakthrough, and yet I know this is just the beginning. We have to pray even more now for him to have strength and for the Lord to protect him from the enemy who I know will try to sabatage what has begun.
I am on my knees literally, sometimes all the way down on Tuesdays fasting for all prodigals. If you would like to leave me names you can write them here or e-mail or personal message me on fb.
Praise the Lord for all He has done and will do!
Maryellen, I love you too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Kris, I think I'll buy you some knee pads! Praise God for those sore knees, nothing like a mother's love! I am so excited to know this is a first step in the right direction. I see great things for him!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hi Kristin, thanks for stopping by my blog! Lovely and heart wrenching post, I understand it all too well. Our ex-prodigal has come home, but like you pointed out in your comment, we still need to pray! Our God is awesome, He is mighty to save, and He is able to keep us (and our children) from stumbling. Looking to Him!

Relentlessly Pursuing,


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Can I speak as one who has been there -- been down the road that your son took? Just like him, I was raised in a Christian home, went to a good church, accepted Christ as my Savior at 10 years old, even went on to Bible School after high school. I quit on it all and walked away from the Lord and the church. Why? I can't give you a reason. I didn't choose something else -- just nothingness. Jobs, work, home, hobbies, pets --- anything to keep my mind and heart busy. It went on for years and years. I can tell you one thing, though. If there are "hounds of Heaven" --- they were after me!!! They nipped at my soul 24/7. I knew. Deep down inside I just knew. No matter how loud I turned up the sound, I still heard the still small voice. Coming Home was an amazing work of grace for me. He restores the years that the locusts eat and gives so much -- even to prodigals like me. I will be praying for your son. I'll be he knows . . . just knows. . . that the nail-scarred hands are stretched out ready to receive him. I will be praying with you and for you, my friend.

Moments of Grace said...

Dearest Kristin,

I have so enjoyed this post. Your insight into voices and directions we take in life is so very timely for me. Thank you, my friend.

I will be keeping you, your husband, and your son in prayer. God moves so mysteriously sometimes---I confess I don't always understand. I heard something on Christian programming this week, though, that really spoke to my heart: "If God is big enough to prevent things from happening to us, He's big enough to allow things to happen to us.". If God allows it, there is divine purpose in the end result. Your son was allowed his path for a purpose and God has that purpose clearly in mind.

Blessings to you today, dear Kristin. You bless me.

In Grace,